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29 Mar

At worst, they can look forward to a long career as a tabloid punchline. If they were on drugs or had behavior issues, they've cleaned up.

If they were always typecast, they show a surprising range.

If they were labeled as played out, they manage to innovate their style that refreshes their work and possibly their medium. And if they're really lucky, they're bigger than they have ever been!

See also Win Back the Crowd and Popularity Polynomial.

If he tells you straight up he doesn't want to get back together, don't keep pushing.

You're going to end up making him angry and/or freaking him out. If he changes his mind, he knows where to find you.

It’s easy to laugh at Aaron for this, and call him mean names for being so vulnerable about his feelings on the Internet, but I can’t do that. I think we’ve all been in Aaron’s position at one point or another, where we desperately want an ex back, but they’re just not interested at all. But going into that, you have to know that at a certain point, you have to stop trying if he doesn't seem interested.

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When one of my exes and I broke up, I went through my room and collected each thing that reminded me of him, whether it was a picture, a piece of clothing he bought me, or a piece of jewelry he gave me.

Make sure you get what you can squared away so that you don't have those excuses to see him hanging around.

You can't move on if you're holding onto a reason to see him again.

Personally, I can't get past these kinds of situations without some type of closure.

For me, closure means a polite conversation where you totally end things - not an angry fight or tearful phone call.