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19 Mar

John Torous, chair of the American Psychiatric Association's smartphone app evaluation work group, warned that mental health chatbots present privacy issues.

They are not currently covered by the US Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which stops healthcare providers and hospitals sharing sensitive patient data, he told the Washington Post.

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Sam Esmail, the show’s creator, has stated in interviews how certain films have influenced his work, and the initial six minutes of “d3bug.mkv” seem like a slight homage to American Psycho.Great taste, as always” — is reminiscent of American Pyscho’s business-card scene.Later in the episode, Elliot continues to ruminate on bugs: “A bug’s only reason for existence is to be a mistake that needs fixing.He sleeps with Anwar and then exploits a backdoor in his Android to, in part, learn the name of his competitor, Scott Knowles.“You’re a strange creature,” Anwar tells him after sex, to which Tyrell responds, “I’m just a businessman.” The scene is the core of Tyrell, an ex-hacker who has applied that dogged ruthlessness to the boardroom.