Dating fender telecaster guitar

28 Jun

But the funny thing was that once I’d got Layla out of my system I didn’t want to do any more with the Dominos.

I had to dig for a while to come up with all the info there is to find online..which is not a lot.

In keeping with her penchant for boho, Stevie added a pop of colour to proceedings by fixing an array of coloured fabric to her microphone stand.

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Wearing a subtle application of foundation, Stevie finished her look with a pair of silver earrings while her wavy blonde locks cascaded down her shoulders.

It can be triggered by a need to hear another sound, or I’ve seen or heard somebody playing a guitar that I want to emulate.

Or I’m listening to a song and think, ‘I want one of them; I like the way that it sounds on the record.’ The musical side coupled with the image governs it.

‘The guitar I chose for my return to recording was one I had built myself.

When I was on tour with the Dominos, I went into Sho-Bud in Nashville, which had a stack of second-hand Strats in the back of the shop. ‘Tony Zemaitis completed this, a custom 12-string, that Eric envisioned in 1969 and he first played it while he was in Blind Faith.