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31 Mar

At the hospital, the physician failed to notice that the girl was pregnant.By the time it was realized that the girl was pregnant, she was beyond the upper limit of gestation for an abortion.This showed an increase by about 2.5 fold compared to other types of abuse.

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Around 6% of sexual abuse cases led to pregnancy In cases of child abuse, the parent/guardian generally does not give a detailed account of the abuse, so it is impossible to assess the situation fully.

[4] Learning Points [1] In cases of sexual abuse by a family member, it is difficult to clarify the details.

[2] The mother refused intervention by a public institution, and the responsible staff did not intervene because the mother insisted, “the girl is the baby’s mother, let her bring it up” [3] Comprehensive teamwork by responsible sectors is important such as the departments of paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology and psychiatry, with expert government or NGO sector teams.

[4] The horizontal cooperation in [3] is difficult because of the vertical administration system, which prevents sharing of information.

Background information 3) Psychological abuse constituted 9% of the child abuse consultations/notifications.