Adult date boards

14 Jul

Graced – Testamurs and Diplomates will take or have passed the recertification examination in their 11th year surrounding their 10-year anniversary date.The NBE allows individuals an extra year after their 10-year anniversary date to take recertification examination before certification status has lapsed.

Pre-sentence, pre-probation, youthful offender and other investigations and reports are provided to the sentencing courts throughout the state.

Probation and Parole Officers are appointed by the Board, subject to the merit system, and are supervised by the Board as provided by state statute.

They are sworn peace officers with powers of arrest and execution, and as such must meet the qualifications and training requirements of the Alabama Peace Officers’ Minimum Standards and Training Act.

Reviews are published on this website as they are completed.

This report can be viewed on our Safeguarding Adult Reviews resource where practitioners will also find a learning pack in relation to this case.