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03 Nov

The pop-up café is set to open February 25 from - the Dominical Adult Education Centre, where Sisters Carmel Ryan, Deirdre Twomey and Julie Buckley will speak, among others, at the inaugural café.

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"Young women regularly approach us about potential vocations and yet there is no open forum which enables them to really explore their options.Doesn’t mean we have to express this love sexually.My nun was a great guide through that time because it was important for me to know how to deal with those feelings because they inevitably will arise if we are to be true lovers of God.I expected that she’d bid me farewell (I should have known better because she is one of the most deeply loving and compassionate persons I know) but instead she said, “Wonderful!” She didn’t tell me to stop discerning religious life nor did she tell me to cut off the relationship. If we lose the capacity to fall in love, she said, then we lose the ability to truly open our hearts to God, to the people with whom we live and minister, with God’s beautiful creation.