Dating hohokam canals

26 May

Other examples of Coso Style petroglyphs are known outside that area including those in the El Paso Mountains, Panamint Mountains, Argus Range and north of the base at Centennial Springs. Mc Mahon Symbologist/Researcher The seafarer was born, sailed the oceans, and generated symbols as a testament to the journeys undertaken. The god was the sun, and the goddess was Venus, and every eight years they unite.Those other areas were not included in this research. They shared equal attention by the ancient civilizations.Dear Colleague, Rob Hyde and I have published our “study volume” of the Tucson Artifacts. Principal Archaeologist Ultra Systems Environmental [email protected]@Founder and Director California Rock Art Foundation One by, William Olivadoti In general, a work, by an amateur, which attempts to show parallels and similarities between distant and diverse cultures, in both time and space, culminating in which appear to be evidentiary clues in both archival and geographic form, which could be postulated to by Richard D.This collection of plates, texts and translations brings to general scholarly notice solid archeological and literary proof of Old World influences and settlements in pre-Columbian America. December 2014 Originally published in: North American Archaeologist, Spring 2007 Edition Alan P. Moats Overview: The Salisbury brothers authored a paper in 1862 describing several archaeological sites in Ohio. All proofs but DNA are present in the so-called Tucson Crosses, and the moment Summary The Pima Indians and their southern cousins the Papago have been studied intensely by ethnologists and others.This is the maritime history western parts or Atlantic-facing Europe but most especially that of the maritime Celts.However, on looking for information about what was happening “The Hopis’ Elder White Brother” (chapter from Old Souls in a New World, by Donald N.

There are thirty-five cast lead artifacts, counting double crosses as two and pieces of swords or spears that join to form one. 480 292-9820 book above is available directly from the author. Principal Archaeologist Ultra Systems Environmental [email protected]@Founder and Director California Rock Art Foundation Alan P. Two direct, experimental XRF dates made directly on two of the images support this determination.

The founders called their new realm Calalus (“Waste­land” in Hebrew) and it lasted from 780 until 900, when it was destroyed by earth­quakes, and the king returned with a large part of his followers to Mexico. Yates Published by Panther’s Lodge Publishers 2016 We look forward to hearing any feedback from you and encourage you to pass this email on to interested persons. The latter age range is synchronous with the a period of dart and atlatl use and is coterminous with the earliest accepted dates for the initiation of Rose Spring Series arrow points (ca. Also some surprising new observations associate the feminine gender with at least two of the projectile point petroglyph images.

At this crossroads of civilizations in ninth century West Mexico we also detect Chinese seal script, Hindu cult objects, Mesoamerican glyphs, images of Jewish and Christian temples, Celtic ogam inscriptions and what might be called “pre-Templar” symbols. Both figures are either animal-human or human hunter (shamanistic? Alternative suggestions are included for understanding this apparent paradoxical relationship of male weaponry with the feminine gender.

Yates, Panther’s Lodge Publishers, 2013) Summary Ever since publication of The Book of the Hopi in the 1960s the legends of the Hopi Indians of Arizona have been central to any discussion Expanded Chapter from Yates’ Old Souls in a New World © Donald N.

Yates 2005-2015 Old Souls in a New World, by Donald N.