Updating google cache

05 Jun

You could disable this feature in Brut Mod menu, but you will lost turn symbols. I could work on some of these, but they have low priority. Q: Multitouch still doesn’t work even if I enabled it in Brut Mod menu. There are plenty of custom roms, each has different bits and sometimes GM disables MT even if it could use it normally.

Q: Car Dock, Google Voice Search or other app always use original Google Maps – it doesn’t ask me about your mod. My mod could force it to enable, but it won’t add MT support. A: There are features that are hidden for some reason: they aren’t finished yet, are for debugging, etc.

You could also set custom path to stored tiles if you want to use different format.

If you have cached tiles from other maps/navigation app and they’re stored in “one tile, one file” format, then you should be able to use them with Brut Mod.

You have to choose custom database format and set path to tiles.

Path can contain variables – currently supported are: So for example custom path for And Nav format would be: (Z)/(X)/(Y)andnav .

If you would set something like: (Z)-(X)-(Y), then all tiles would be stored in one directory.