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23 Jul

JENNA: I had always loved to write and my mom was my editor for my school papers.

"Jenna, please use the active, not the passive voice," she'd write in the margins.

We were encouraged to pursue our passions—I was the athlete; she was the dancer. If I didn't like something a boy she was dating was doing, I'd tell her. He's perfect for her—so smart, and he shares her energy and spunk. JENNA: By junior year in college, our conversations started changing.For 18 months she taught elementary school in Washington, D. But she found her true calling last year, when she and Mia were working with UNICEF and stumbled, awed, on the real-life heroine who became the subject of their the eloquent, moving and true tale of a young HIV positive woman's fight for a decent life for herself and her child.It's also about how the First Daughter the late-night comics thought they knew might turn into someone very different: a bookworm, an idealist and, now, a writer.MIA: Jenna and I met in Madrid when we were 16, during a summer-abroad program.