Prerecorded webcam shows

18 Sep

If found such scripts, it would make my job easier. Screen shots are one thing - taking automatic pictures of someone else's webcam is potentially dangerous Richard May you live in peace John! Actually, we are a registered training organization in Australia and government legislation requires us this functionality in our LMS to be able to deliver our courses online. Keep in mind that state laws are inferior to Commonwealth Law.

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Here's a recent news article talks about one of the leading companies.

We have a requirement for our courses and I was wondering if there is some plugin for the purpose out there?

We need to record student web cam & screen shot at entry, mid and exit point of a course and each activity within the course.

Our RTO is looking to find a solution like this to take few pictures at the beginning to authenticate the learner and then take random snapshots throughout the course to ensure it's the same person answering to all the questions. How about a webcam with a built in video recorder (or just a video recorder that you plug your webcam into) that users can use to record themselves at their computer working diligently and then play that recording back as if it were a live feed during tests so that users don't get accidentally "flagged" (AKA false positive) for innocently swaying or dipping out of view for a moment, e.g.

to reach for something or pick something up the fell on the floor? That's a method students already use to bypass proctoring software - by playing a pre-recorded stream.