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17 May

Stockley had been warned by [his partner] Bianchi that Smith had a gun, Stockley approached the driver's side, appeared to attempt to open the door and, as testified to by the State's own witnesses, ordered Smith to open the door and to show his hands.'Stockley also warned another officer to "watch his hands".It was not until 15 seconds after Stockley arrived at the driver's side door, that he unholstered his service revolver and fired several shots in succession,' he wrote. All three downtown courthouses, including the federal courthouse, were closed Friday and some St.The gun found in Smith's car had the officer's DNA on it, but not his.Stockley left the police force in 2013 and moved to Houston.Wilson wrote that in his thirty years on the bench, 'an urban heroin dealer not in possession of a firearm would be anomaly'.Furthermore, he doesn't think that Wilson could have planted the handgun in Smith's car without being caught on video hiding it on his body on the way back to Smith's car.Mayor Lyda Krewson said in a video statement that the Missouri State Highway Patrol and St.Louis County police are providing support, with the patrol handling any protests on state highways Greitens and Krewson urged protesters to be peaceful, a sentiment echoed by Smith's fiancée, Christina Wilson.

Bruntrager said Stockley fired only after Smith refused commands to put up his hands and reached along the seat toward an area where a gun was found. Testing found Stockley's DNA on the gun, but not Smith's. He resigned in 2013, about two years after the shooting, and moved to Houston.

Others started chanting 'Ferguson' in honor of Michael Brown, a black teen who was killed by a white cop in the St. 'I’m just praying for my city,' Brown Sr told CBS St. 'They’re killing us like roaches and dogs,' another man said. Stockley shot 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith five times after a high-speed chase, after he and his partner witnessed what they believed to be a drug deal behind a fried chicken restaurant.

One protester wore a t-shirt reading 'murder the government' and a face mask of Guy Fawkes.

Stockley and his partner saw what appeared to be a drug transaction in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant on December 20, 2011.

As the officers sought to corner Smith, he drove away.