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04 Apr

I said I'd hire the other two and take care of the bedroom bit.'Miss Hall revealed how aggrieved she felt with Sir Mick – 13 years her senior and the father of her four children – when his incessant womanising finally made her decide to end their relationship in 1999. The first was George Waud, an Old Harrovian film producer.

A subsequent 'toyboy' was the London banker Tim Attias, 49, but the shadow of Jagger – Miss Hall admits she still loves him – meant the relationship ended quickly.

When he does give in, he just doesn’t seem that into it.

I just don’t know, I mean, I thought guys were always supposed to be up for sex no matter what. I just feel like such an idiot every time my own boyfriend shuts me down. In this case, I think it has a lot to do with him being laid off.

His new relationship with the Texan model and actress – the girlfriend of Roxy Music singer Bryan Ferry before she left him for Jagger – is being cited by Murdoch's friends as evidence that he is as vigorous in his private life as he is in business.

Murdoch has never spoken publicly of the profound hurt he felt over his break-up with Miss Deng – or his fury with Tony Blair for seeing her in his home without his knowledge.

Doesn’t mean he has a mega-salary and high-status job – I am just saying that when a guy feels like he’s got life under control in a way he thinks it should be, he’s going to be a lot more confident than a man who doesn’t feel that way. I mean, when a guy gets laid off or fails at something that’s important to him, it will be hard for him not to be down on himself for at least a little while.What I really wanted was to land back on my feet and start conquering the world again.Writing about this is a little weird for me because it’s really personal (and I am a private person in general), but I think it’s worthwhile for people to be frank about this sort of thing.It’s a weird thing, but I’ve been in a loving relationship when my work started falling apart and I didn’t want anything to do with sex in the relationship.I was ashamed of where I was at the time and the last thing I wanted was to be loved since it would have felt more like pity (even if it wasn’t).