Who is dating tom brady

31 Dec

But our personal favorite has got to be the equally extravagant .5 million VS Fantasy Bra that she wore back in 2005. With a fourth Super Bowl victory in his back pocket and a loving family to support him, Brady is floating on cloud nine.Now if only there was a way for this whole Deflategate fiasco to just disappear in the rarified air that Tom is breathing. Do you think Brady will still have a spectacular outing with the Pats this season?Join us as we list down Brady’s former and current flames that fire up his passion on the field and in the bedroom.We’ll start with his less than humble beginning babe and make our way to his crowned jewel.Not that we’re complaining, especially since Tom is no longer on the market for the other hot chicks to drool over and forget about the likes of us.Before finding his life of extreme comfort with the world-renowned Victoria’s Secret model, Brady also had his fair share of other beauties from the past.

Well past is past, as Brady would soon be forever tied to the final woman on our list.

Bündchen, now retired, has modeled for countless ad campaigns, magazines, and fashion shows.

So how did this seemingly no-brainer perfect union form?

It’s terrific that Brady still has a solid bond with his son from another woman, but we think that Bridget isn’t too happy about the entire situation.

It’s only a rumor, but many have speculated that Brady may have been seeing Meghan Vasconcellos on the side while he and Moynahan were still dating back in 2006.