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22 Jul

If you decide to bring along a wingman to break the ice, go over some boundaries with him.Guys are usually all about helping out their friends, but if they don't know that that's what they're trying to do, then bad tension can mount.I've collected as many of them as I could find — all via the wonderful craptoy Flickr page, a page that contains 22 sets of over 5,000 unique vintage images, including well over 1,000 adverts.Anyway, these ads ran in such titles as Mc Call's, Ladies Home Journal, and Good Housekeeping.Make eye contact with her as she speaks, and break it after she's done.Alternatively, you can look at her nose or forehead if you feel the eye contact might have worn out its welcome.“Complimentary con lines” are thinly veiled “come-on” statements or outright lies used to seduce someone in some way. The person tries to get the upper hand by controlling the others’ emotions.An honest compliment is an expression of admiration, praise or respect with no strings attached!

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Nice tee shirts (without attention drawing graphics and messages) or polos along with casual baggy (but not too baggy) jeans are the way to go.Never look away for more than a few seconds, and look at the floor, as this is a clear sign of nervousness.Many girls love to talk about themselves and their surroundings but aren't quite as apt to do so while speaking to a guy as they would be when talking to their girlfriends, so give them the opportunity by asking open ended questions. " and "I heard you and Matt were kinda on the fritz huh?They seemed — at least to this man's untrained not female, not-1950s eyes — to solve absolutely nothing. Let's face it; girls can be quite the intimidating bunch.