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05 Jan

The country has now thirteen geographical regions and 120 primary local government units would reverted by the Rodrigo Duterte presidency:to retain the presidential system: Existing primary local government units As of September 2015, there were 81 provinces, 33 highly urbanized cities, 5 independent component cities, and one independent municipality.All 120 primary LGUs are under direct administrative supervision of the President of the Philippines.But due to time constraints, ABS-CBN later decided to withdraw the application with the intent of seeking renewal in the 17th Congress,” the network explained.The 17th Congress’ term starts on July 25, 2016 and ends on June, 2019.June 12, 2016 ABS-CBN has been accused of being biased against incoming President Rodrigo Duterte.Should the 17th Congress during his administration renew the network’s franchise expiring in 2020?

ABS-CBN is among the media networks Duterte apparently boycotted and barred from covering his press conferences and activities.“The bills would renew ABS-CBN’s right to operate TV and radio broadcasting stations in the Philippines through microwave, satellite or whatever means, including the use of new technologies in television and radio systems,” the report said.According to the news website, the Kapamilya network’s 25-year franchise expires on March 30, 2020.Specifically, GMA said it led in total day ratings in Urban Luzon with a household audience share of 38.9 percent, ahead of ABS-CBN’s 30.3 percent and TV5’s 7.7 percent.GMA posted double-digit margins over rival networks in its Mega Manila bailiwick with a 40.9-percent total day average, above ABS-CBN’s 27.1 percent and TV5’s 8.2 percent.