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23 Oct

Using an Excel spreadsheet makes sense when the data is static and rarely changing.

I've created extremely complex financial spreadsheets using database information that was downloaded into Excel using spreadsheet database interface tools like Excel-DB.

You can see that the dbo05Excel Event_Change_dbo05_usp Role Member Table stored procedure is used to handle the Change event of the dbo05Role Member Table stored procedure.

The code of the dbo05Excel Event_Change_dbo05_usp Role Member Table procedure: This is a very powerful feature.

This feature works with database tables and editable views only.

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Particular server-side views are used for configuring.

Windows Vista and Excel 2007 are supported environments for Excel-DB.

In the world of data analytics where historical (read immutable) data is consolidated, it makes sense to use Excel as a database.

The source Excel data table: Now you may edit data and save data changes back to a database.

To top If an Excel query table is connected to a database table, you may edit the data and save changes back to a database without any coding. The Save To DB add-in tracks data changes and generates the required INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE commands to update a database table.