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13 Apr

We’re also hopeful, of course, that anyone who carries haplogroup C-P39 or any downstream branch will join the C-P39 project. Contributing If you would like to donate to the C-P39 project general fund to play a critical role in the next steps of discovery, we would be eternally grateful.At this point, we need to fund at least 4 additional Big Y tests, plus several 111 marker upgrades, totaling about 00.The net effect of this was indeed “Cat Flying in Air.” In my house, the net effect would have been “tears the quilt,” but I digress.Now of course, there are about 100 things wrong with this scenario.As you might guess, this isn’t exactly what we had anticipated, but therein lies the thrill of discovery and the promise of science.The Next Step Just like with traditional genealogy, this discovery begets more questions.

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If you have tested elsewhere, you can download your results to Family Tree DNA for free.

Kudos I want to personally congratulate Marie for her hard work and dedication over the past year to bring this monumental discovery and tree update to fruition.

It’s truly an incredible accomplishment representing countless hours of behind the scenes work.

With this latest update, in addition to the C-P39 SNP that distinguishes this haplogroup, there are now new, long-awaited, downstream SNPs and subclades, as reflected in the Y Tree that offer new avenues for research by members of this rare, Native American haplogroup.

A summary of new C-P39 Y DNA project subclades follows: The ancestors of two families represented in the study, one in the Pacific Northwest and another in the North American Southwest did not experience any mutations in the New World and Big Y results are within the current genetic boundaries of the C-P39 SNP haplogroup as noted.