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24 Aug

FXB's social and professional capacity-building program in Myanmar was launched in 1993 to reinforce the capacities of young women forced into commercial sex work and infected with AIDS.FXB aimed at enabling victims of human trafficking to regain a well-balanced and dignified life, and ultimately, become self-sufficient.Through our health branch, the Global Health Access Program, we provide training, technical support and resources to help our partners implement a broad array of initiatives, including clean births and emergency obstetric care for mothers living in remote villages; malaria screening, treatment and prevention for villagers living in a country with the highest number of malaria deaths in Southeast Asia; trauma management in a country with one of the highest number of landmine injuries and deaths in the world; Vitamin A distribution to prevent blindness and help children survive and thrive; health systems strengthening to improve community-based infrastructure and assessment of health needs and services.EDUCATION Education goes far beyond the classroom for millions from Burma who are vulnerable because they’re illiterate, uprooted, marginalized and poor.Due to the ongoing strife in Burma, it is estimated that there are more than 300,000 displaced Karens who have fled into the jungle and are living in huts and makeshift camps in the border area. F established a therapy program for the victims of rape and torture which is directed by a skilled and innovative psychotherapist.Those who have escaped into Thailand have not been given official refugee status, consequently they receive no direct assistance from the United Nations or from the Red Cross. No other agency was addressing the consequences of these widespread and vicious crimes. is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit, tax deductible organization, and has no paid employees.These maps, profiles and lists cover the area affected by Cyclone Nargis as well as other parts of the country.The categories are: Affected Area Maps; Assessment Area Maps; Hazard Area Maps; Organizations Maps; Population Area Maps; Planning Maps; Snapshots Maps; Township Profiles Maps; Who, What, Where Maps & Reports. Tel ( 1-810) 341 6960 Fax ( 1-810) 341 6989 Email [email protected]"BRC-USA provides encouragement and material support for pro-democracy activists and the hundreds of thousands of displaced civilians made homeless by the military junta's brutal campaigns of ethnic cleansing.

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Starting with preschools, our education outreach continues through primary school, middle school, high school, post-high school and includes an array of vocational and skills training opportunities for adults—including many who’ve never had formal schooling.

The scope of the program has then widened to include street children, children infected and/or affected by HIV and AIDS, and AIDS orphans.

Providing basic education and vocational training, FXB helps young people develop their skills and their economic status."The purpose of the Karen Emergency Relief Fund Inc.

We believe education is the cornerstone of civil society.

In conflict and natural disaster zones, our local partners’ extensive network of schools offer uprooted villagers stability, hope and a chance to regroup."Works on HIV/AIDS and rehabilitation of Burmese sex workers.