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On December 21, 2015, after enforced cancelling of Jolla Tablet project, Jolla announced that they would be "shipping a small batch of the Jolla Tablet to early backers during early 2016" which were disposable but "all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet" because Chinese manufacturer has sold already produced batch in consequence of delayed financing and it was impossible to produce any next one as essential components were not produced any more.

Subsequently, in April 2016, Jolla launched a campaign to refund all the tablet payments that were made during the crowd-sourcing campaign.

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Despite the N9 market success the Mee Go project in Nokia was already sentenced and a general atmosphere around it was having more and more negative influence on the Mee Go team and other Nokia employees.

It was renamed Maemo (version 5) and shipped with the Nokia N900 in 2009.

An alliance Nokia and Intel merged their Maemo and Moblin (also an open source Linux OS) projects, respectively, into a new project called Mee Go in 2010.

Jolla went public on 6 July 2012, announcing its intention to develop new smartphones that used a gesture-oriented swipe interface corresponding to former Nokia's Harmattan UI experience.

They named their operating system "Sailfish", which is a result of Mer and includes a gesture-based user interface developed using the Qt, QML and HTML5, as did Nokia's N9.