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24 Oct

If you’re new to linux, (perhaps you come from a windows background and are looking to broaden your skills base), then the objectives of the exam may seem a little daunting. This level of certification really aims at developing you into a solid, entry-level linux administrator who can handle most day-to-day housekeeping tasks without having to refer to Google every fifteen minutes.As such, it is not difficult to pass so long as you have a basic plan in regards to your study approach.Depending on your level of expertise there are two “official” Redhat training methods to prepare you for the RHCSA exam.1) For Windows system administrators Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) – 5 days Red Hat System Administration II (RH134) – 4 days 2) For Linux or UNIX administrators RHCSA Rapid Track Course with exam (RH200) – 4 days 1 day for exam Both are not cheap, but both are worthwhile.There are many free virtualisation solutions out there, and quite a few paid ones as well. It’s free, quick to download and works on linux, windows and mac.Maybe your place of employment has all you need to start creating guests, (vmware anyone? Within minutes I can have it installed on my laptop, giving me the freedom to study wherever and whenever.Even if you don’t attempt the exam, following these guidelines as if you were will still provide a base for valuable administration skills.Skills which can be built upon and used in the real world for years to come.

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If you’re already employed then check the possibility of getting your company to pay for some training.

So read on for some basic tips — I hope they will be as helpful to you as they were for me. The point is to use this list to clearly identify where you need to spend your time. There’s no shame in marking every point as something you’re not comfortable with, especially if you don’t have any linux background whatsoever.

I wasn’t kidding when I said the RHCSA should be easy to pass. For one very important reason: Redhat practically tells you what is in the exam. If you’ve had any previous unix experience before you’ll find there are some very easy tasks listed which you should be able to plough through in no time. The objectives, and your list of “easy” and “not-so-easy” study points, should be referred to regularly.

To do so Redhat requires a pass-mark of 210 out of 300. They do this by clearly stating the RHCSA “Objectives”. There are also some not-so-easy tasks as well, which is to be expected, and this is where you’ll be spending the majority of your study. It serves as a litmus test of how your study is progressing.

These objectives are located on the Redhat website and should be checked on at least once every couple of weeks to confirm there are no new additions. This is why reviewing the objectives is presented as the first tip in this article. It is the table-of-contents for your whole study plan. Redhat certification exams have made a name for themselves as being “hands-on” or “real-world” type tests.