Freaky chat sites for young adults

20 Apr

Teens become an "open book" to predators searching for them at the easiest time to become their new "best friend." Predators know that helping a teen talk through a crisis of love, relationships and sex creates an incredibly strong bond of closeness.Predators pretend to be going through the same kinds of crises and provide the teens opportunities to talk each other through them. Lieberman explains that people get extremely close with others when they go through shared crises together.Children and teens don't realize that the internet, such a big part of their daily life, can become a dangerous part of their lives.The early teen-age years (12 to 14) are a time when adolescents have a lot of questions about life, relationships and sex.People who were hostages together in a bank robbery become life-long friends, despite the fact that they were total strangers up until their "shared" crisis.

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When the movie is over, friends who go together feel extremely close, even though all they shared together was a fictional fantasy crisis.For the rest of their lives they have reunions and travel to meet up with each other well into their 70,'s 80's and 90's.This psychological tendency to become so close over crises can be something very simple too.Being online becomes the place they feel most at peace with being themselves and confiding in others, which can turn into a dangerous situation the instant they decide to befriend someone they do not know online.Online predators and traffickers find their victims by pretending to be in that same teen stage of learning -- navigating the new and often exciting issues of young adult life.