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25 Dec

If you’re Desi, you might be more depressed for so many more reasons than the typical American including: 1. You hid a relationship from your Desi family and friends. That’s why curious young men and women resort to sneaking around, lying, and deceiving, resulting in a great deal of courage and effort.

Every Desi who saw you two together is expecting you two getting married. A relationship that wasn’t worth all that stress and sneaking and hiding. You feel like you have proven the Desi theory that dating doesn’t work. With all of this we hope the relationship is worth it.

But please understand that it is impossible for me to be like them since we are thousands of miles apart and live in completely different places.

And please don’t believe everything you hear about my oh-s0-accomplished cousins.

Depending on the circumstance, having an arranged marriage can be beneficial or harmful. They say you can’t change others, but you can change yourself.

The concept of arranged marriage is like a business dealing. So to ameliorate my changes of a better proposal, I have to change my major and future plans.

They do not lie, embellish or put on fake appearances for the sake of marriage. This girl comes from a family that opposes dating or even interacting with the opposite gender.

Posted by confuseddesigirl on July 9, 2011 in arranged marriage, Arranged Marriages, brown people, Desi, desi parents, Islamic Youth, Muslims in America, Pakistani, pakistani parents, pakistani-american, Parents, Reputation, Uncategorized No matter how hard we try to obey our parents and rely on arranged marriages as the sole way to live a decent respectable life, many of us can’t help but stray.

To wander off into a land full of wonder, magic, passion, and…heartbreak. So you’ve started to fall in love, gotten really excited about that guy, decided you’d ditch all the ridiculous Desi rules for this guy, when…of a sudden, for some odd reason, you’re breaking up! Torn because a relationship you thought was going somewhere into your future has just ended and now you are more confused and regretful than ever. Dating is still taboo and forbidden in some families.

My mom told me that one of my cousin’s wife’s cousin has graduated from medical school this summer. What should I do knowing that I don’t meet his demands? Already I can see rejections from people who haven’t even seen me or know anything about me.

Posted by confuseddesigirl on May 16, 2012 in arranged marriage, Arranged Marriages, brown people, Desi, Desi Community, desi dating, desi parents, Muslim Dating, Muslims in America, Pakistani dating, pakistani parents, Uncategorized Today I was reminded again (for the million and one time) how huge of a disappointment I am. It’s as if it’s me and my (degree) against the world. I may act very sure of my choice to not be a pre-med student, but honestly I am not as sure it is the best thing for me.