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28 Jan

A couple’s sexual relationship is something they work out for themselves.

How often you have sex, when and what you do is personal to your relationship.

For people who don’t have a phobia, it can be hard to understand the potentially crippling fear experienced by sufferers.

Sometimes simply naming the source of the fear is enough to generate the response in some people.

Our sex therapists are trained to deal with different kinds of sexual problems.Sexual addictions - When people might be addicted to the internet, chat rooms, pornography or masturbation.Sex therapists will meet you for an initial session to see what the difficulty is and whether it’s something they work with.If you both agree to go ahead, they will arrange to meet each person individually to take a full history. When the therapist has taken each person’s history and looked at what the problem is, they will meet you as a couple to discuss a treatment programme that is designed to help with your particular difficulty.Sometimes therapists recommend that people have relationship counselling before starting on a sex therapy programme.