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01 Jul

'She claimed she is sitting on more revelations which could rock other relationships.Laura, 29, from Irlam, Greater Manchester, also revealed she has a huge crush on One Direction pop heart throb Harry Styles.He didn't even mention her or the new baby she's expecting.'But there were signs today that the couple are trying to put the encounter behind them, with Wayne Rooney clearly displaying his wedding ring today as he arrived for football training, on the day that his seven-year-old son Kai started junior school.Kai starts at the £12,000-a-year Manchester Grammar School today, and his mother Coleen took a photo of him at home in his new blazer, tweeting: 'Bursting With Pride....#Daretobewise' – in reference to the school's motto.

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On November 2, 2009, Rooney gave birth to their initial child, Kai Wayne. Coleeen Mary is an English TV presenter, product endorser and columnist. Their wedding took place in Portofina, Italy, June 12, 2008.

And she even asked Mail Online to help introduce a meet, saying: 'In return I'll give you all the gossip on other footballers.'Harry's fit and better looking than Rooney and, oh, what I'd love to be doing with him!

I'd give him such a good time.'Laura added: 'All the players are the same and I have stories about me and a few household names and up and coming stars, they're just after one thing only.'The brunette, who has had breast implants, was 'kissed and cuddled' by Wayne Rooney, 31, during a drunken night out while pregnant wife Coleen was on holiday in Spain.

Busty Laura caught Rooney's eye as he was out partying on Thursday night at a bar in Wilmslow.

He ogled the tipsy reveller's breasts grinning: 'What size are they. I'd like to get my hands on them.'Laura, told Mail Online: 'I wasn't thinking about his wife Coleen and neither was he.