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20 Oct

A married woman in the 1900’s would be hit on maybe once a year by the butcher and that was it. There is no other tool that increases the amount of times a woman is hit on than a smartphone.

The love she had for her husband was not disturbed unless he went off to war. For women, the smartphone is a bridge to receive offers of penis twenty-four hours a day.

I don’t even need to re-charge it once but every three days.

But if a woman takes a “break” from the game, or changes her relationship status to engaged on Facebook, will the cock offerings dry up? Even when a man receives a commitment from a woman, he must still compete with other men as if his girlfriend is eternally stuck in a sausage fest nightclub.

With text messaging and use of apps that connect her to Facebook, dating sites, Instagram, and the like, your average girl is receiving subtle and not-so-subtle sexual offers every other hour.

She even gets to hear a bell tone when a new penis is putting in his attempt.

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She will be unable to settle with one man and be happy.She doesn’t care if you get annoyed when she flakes. Soon every woman in the world will have a smartphone, and the idea of commitment and love will be a throwback, something that belongs in old movies.Until then, when I’m talking to a girl and she pulls out some piece of shit old Nokia phone, I can’t help but get a little excited.Will she stop receiving “What are you doing this weekend? Peer into a woman’s smartphone and you’ll find Las Vegas, nonstop blinking lights and action.Peer into a man’s smartphone who isn’t working on his game and you’ll find something out of a country Western with tumbleweeds rolling through.