Bai ling dating

27 May

She has been spot on with her work and this is why she is the star actress she is today.

She appeared in a movie called Hai tan in the year 1984 and this can be taken as her debut role.

She has a net worth of 3 million dollars and this makes it sure that she has been living her dream life.

The Wild Wild West star, who has become more famous for her off screen drunken antics than her movie roles, was opening up about her problems on the latest episode of Celebrity Rehab on U. television.'I have different experiences with different generals, ' she said, explaining that on various occasions from the age of 14 she would be taken to see high-ranking officials who would 'put me on their lap' and abuse her.Bai really had the hard time finding the one she’s been waiting.During 2007, Bai marriage rumors took over the media.She admitted that she was drunk and did not like to make love with him. Maybe, that incident had a huge impact on Bai Ling due to which she is not looking forward to a long term relationship. Like her professional career, the personal life of Bai Ling is also pretty interesting.