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18 Jan

Danny Masterson often plays the fun-loving bro on TV, but he turns 40 this March, and many of his circle are creeping into middle age.Ben Foster is 35, when middle age starts, so he might fit right in.His younger brother Jon is only 31, so who knows what he and his wife Chelsea Tyler really think.I can't find completions for either Ben, John, or Chelsea, nor for their parents.Masterson and Foster declared in several interviews to be best friends.Foster has been present to numerous events directly and openly related to Scientology: most of them had to do with Masterson’s clique of young Hollywood so called artists.I’m really surprised that nobody linked actor Ben Foster to Scientology.

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One very interesting thing is that Foster’s connection to the church and Masterson’s group seems to had vanished while Foster’s dated and got engaged to actress Robin Wright.

with this one that is in Bernie Sanders headquarters) Michael Pena Nader Kheirbek Giovanni Ribisi and family Luke Watson (aka the hurricane) and his family Most of this people, if not all of them, is friends with Foster on Instagram.

They comment each other's pictures and it appears Fosters asked them not to publicly call his name, probably because in many interviews he stated that he hates social media and is not a user, which is not true, he just has a private account with an anonymous nickname (msalohasippycup) Forgive the grammar and punctuation mistakes please. Please discuss this post and feel free to integrate information. f=9&t=156867&p=558177 Most of the above people are on it already.

They seem safe from "fair game" as long as they do NOT CRITICIZE Scientology or each other.

There have been buddies of Danny who seem to NOT be Scientologists, like Ashton Kutcher, but who are REALLY QUIET about Scientology.