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Our dataset suggests that in the Menderes Massif the activation of ductile extension was a consequence, rather than the cause, of magma emplacement in the extending crust.

Monkleigh is a village, parish and former manor in North Devon, England, situated 2 1/2 miles north-west of Great Torrington and 3 1/2 miles south-east of Bideford.

► Juvenile crust of the Cathaysia Block was generated mainly at 2.5 Ga and 2.8 Ga.

► Zircon U–Pb–Hf isotopes, whole-rock Nd isotopes and rock assemblages were used as a barcode to identify the tectonic affinities of the complex.

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Hankford died in 1423; at that time the fabric was being rebuilt. The Annery aisle has bench-ends decorated with the arms of the Annery manor families and emblems of the Passion.

A strong ∼1.9 Ga orogeny and the 3.3–3.0 Ga thermal event only involved the reworking of older crust material.A kneeling effigy of James Coffin, Esquire (1566) in armour sat on a high tomb and was since destroyed.A ferry operates between Bideford quay and Lundy Island, which lies about 22 miles (35 km) away in the Bristol Channel.Consequently, the eastern Cathaysia block, and the South Korean massif (as the united Cathay-South Korea terrane) was close to the Lesser Himalaya terrane in the Paleoproterozoic configuration of the Columbia supercontinent.The spatial linkage was maintained for ca 1 Ga, until the fragmentation of the Rodinia supercontinent during Neoproterozoic time.► The Badu Complex formed at 2.5 Ga and was metamorphosed at 1.88 Ga and 0.24 Ga.