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22 Aug

Happy to have 30 or offers - Buyer must collect or arrange collection from SE14, South London as soon as possible.

Made by the Howard M Cable Company, Chicago, USA supplied by Crane and Sons Ltd.

The case is in need of some love where sections of decoration have come unstuck over time, but all the pieces have been kept. Magnificent burr walnut case and tuned to concert pitch. Restored in 1998 (Huivenaar) and 2008 (Porthan)Specification: Manual Cc4 (61 notes), Pedal Cf1 (30 notes), 10 sets of reeds Solo (III): Seraphone 8', Cremona 8', Violetta 4', Clarinet 16', Forte, Tremolo Swell (II): Salicional 8', Voix Celeste 8', Oboe 8', Flute 4, Vox Humana, Forte Great (I): Diapason 8', Flute d'Amour 8', Principal 4', Trombone 16', Forte Pedal: Sub Bass 16', Bourdon 16'Great to Pedal, Swell to Great, Bass Coupler, Treble Coupler Tutti, Swell II/I, and Swell IIIA=453,3 Hz(width = 146 cm, height = 143 cm, depth = 75 cm without pedal board)More detailed information at Reed/organ_book/node17Estey Reed Organ in good working condition which nobody in the house plays and which is taking up space that I want to reclaim.Powerful basses and well-differentiated tone colours. The extra pedale basse adds wonderful extra grunt to the fat FF chords in the Rossini Petite Messe All working nicely, and had had a very easy life. Stops: Sourdine basse, Dolce, Pedale basse (Dawes in reverse plays extra 16 on lowest l.h.note), Forte4 basson, 3 clairon, 2 bourdon, 1 cor anglais Expression Percussion 1 flute 2clarionette 3 flageolet 4 hautbois Melodie Cremona(Dawes) Cremona voix celeste musette950Located in Herefordshire Contact Bob by email or on Sold by Heins & Co of Hereford, Brecon & Abergavenny. Based on known Sterling production, this would be about 1892.36 white notes, 25 black, 11 stops, plus knee swells and foot pedals. It appears to be either an Estey Philharmonic or Estey Church Organ.Stops (left to right): Bass Coupler, Dulcet, Diapason, Hautboy, Principal, Vox Humana, Flute, Violina, Melodia, Echo, Coupler. It looks and sounds goodand as far as I can tell, everything works. Although it has foot pedals,it is powered by a working electric fan in a wooden enclosure which is connected by a flexible 4 inch diameter hose to the organ.It is on the ground floor and some assistance with loading may be available.If you are interested please e-mail Jan asap Mason and Hamlin upright, sold to Augustine Church, Edinburgh, c1875 by Wightman & Son, Music Sellers, Edinburgh.