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22 Jan

Watch Lady Gaga's Stunning Belvedere 'Poker Face' Performance Here: Gaga arrived on stage an hour late through a cloud of smoke wearing a bouffant Marie Antoinette wig, glitzy leotard and sparkly boots.She joked: "I just wish I always had fog when I walked in anywhere. "During a slowed down lounge session of her No.1 hit 'Poker Face,' she paused to regale the crowd with the story of how the song came to be.Lady Gaga looks so hot in her skin tight white tank top and denim shorts while arriving at Dodgers Stadium for the World Series on Tuesday (October 24) in Los Angeles.The 31-year-old entertainer was joined by her boyfriend Christian Carino to watch the first game of the series and cheer on the home team!There is no single clinical test that can prove whether or not someone has fibromyalgia.

Now considered a gay icon, Gaga attributes much of her fame, especially in the early stages, to the LGBT community and campaigns for gay rights across the world.The singer/songwriter began her performance dressed as a ghost, wearing her blonde locks backcombed and a pair of eerie contact lenses.She wore a loose-fitting white dress and walked around barefoot in her tribute to Halloween, which is officially on Wednesday.It is a cinematic pop angel come down from on high with abundant lessons for all—those suffering from fibromyalgia and other still-not-understood illnesses and everyone else who shares a world with us. For several years, I had been suffering with various symptoms with no known cause—migraines, heart palpitations, stomach issues, and fatigue.One evening, I had gone out shopping with my mother when I began to feel pain in my knees.