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30 Jul

For the three Korean-American sisters behind the San Francisco- based app Coffee Meets Bagel, the experience of their female users was key.

Ms Dawoon Kang, 32, a co-founder of the app, which is reported to have 21 million users in the US alone, says: "We realised that career-focused women don't have time for bulls*** and want quality over quantity.

Instead, users ask each other a series of questions from a pre-set list.

If they feel like they click, they can proceed to propose a time and place to meet, which is also done within the app.

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Others cite the security concerns that come with meeting a stranger off an app.

Like Lunch Click, Blindfold is accredited by the Social Development Network and checks the identification numbers of users against Registry of Marriages records to ensure married people do not make their way onto the platform.

Ms Wendy Tse, 33, founder of Blindfold who also owns match- making agency Society W, says: "Not only does this model give users anonymity from friends, colleagues or bosses who might also be on the app, but it also means people connect on a level that is more than just superficial." She adds: "Users who have matched up can reveal their photo to each other when they feel comfortable." These special features have allowed such new apps to take off in a big way.

"When you have quantity, you can take your time to find quality." With the number of single millennials on the rise here, it is not surprising that dating apps have taken off in the past year.

According to the report on General Household Survey 2015 released by the Department of Statistics early last month, the proportion of singles among residents aged 25 to 29 years rose from 74.6 per cent to 80.2 per cent for males and from 54 per cent to 63 per cent for females, between 20.