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08 Mar

We applied the original algorithm to two other languages that are very different from Japanese – Italian and German – and then tested the algorithm on Italian and German databases of IDS and ADS.Our results showed that: First, in accord with the extant literature, IDS is realized in a similar way across languages; second, the algorithm performed well in both languages and close to that reported for Japanese. Your veterinarian may discover changes in your dog's health that you have overlooked.

Our breeding program maintains the integrity of the German Shepherd's heritage to preserve the ideal human-canine bond.

Whether you simply bring an outdoor dog inside or take the time to apply behavior-modification techniques, you can cause a dog to be less of a nuisance and to be more socially acceptable. Use a mixture of 10 parts hydrogen peroxide to 1 part baking soda.

Add a dash of degreasing dishwashing soap and pour into a spray bottle. I wanted to tell you that I have ALWAYS wanted a shepherd that would do the typical shepherd heel and focus solely on me while heeling.

This super premium food is naturally formulated with added vitamins, minerals and other additives that work together to support a strong and healthy immune and digestive system.

As with all Victor dog foods, this formula is free from Corn, Wheat, Soy or Glutens and is also made using GMO Free.