Is postdating a check legal accommodating lenses for cataracts

08 Aug

You postdate a check by writing a future date on it.

People typically do this when they want to give a check to someone but aren't certain they'll have enough money in their account until a certain date to cover it.

With an oral notice, your request is good for only 14 days.

Your request should include the recipient's name, your account and check numbers, and the check's amount.

BUT, many state laws are based on the Uniform Commercial Code which has a provision that states that a bank can process a check even if the written date on it has not yet come due (meaning, just because you post-dated it doesn’t mean it’s illegal for it to be processed early).

The “post-date” is not illegal, but also isn’t worth much as far as ensuring the check processing date either.

You can land in legal trouble if you intentionally postdate a check knowing there will be no money in your account or the account will be closed by the check's date.

While it's best to avoid postdating checks so you don't run the risk of getting hit with bounced check fees, you can contact the bank with a written or verbal request to hold the check until the future date.I pre-date checks all the time and the bank won't cash them until the said date, but that is in TX.Don't know if it is legal or not, but then again...Post-dating a check is when you write the check on the 17th but date it for the 25th, so it can't be cashed for a week after it is written.Laws about this sort of thing vary from state to state though I've never known of a state where it is legal.