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23 May

I called the Midwest Center before the free trial period was up to tell them I’d be sending the tapes and DVDs back. They had already charged the card number I gave them. Meanwhile, I received a package of vitamins in the mail with ingredients designed to reduce stress and balance the brain chemistry.

At first it struck me as odd, since the concept on paper was a lot like other pills the center typically railed against. I saw them for what they were: an expensive placebo. Yet there they were, and they were charging me extra for something I didn’t order or want.

When I came back inside, I found myself looking up articles about the Midwest Center and found some surprising items.

First, I found obituaries for Lucinda Bassett’s husband, David Bassett, co-principal of the self-help empire.

Regardless of how this works out in the end, it has been a good learning experience for me. Your comment is the only really helpful response I’ve received in my experience with Midwest Center.

I too was desparate and found their late-night infomercials very tempting. I just remember when listening to Lucinda on the CDs that she was always talking about David(her dear husband) being her “rock” and how he would try to give her good advice when she was feeling anxious and/or depressed.

The author is STEVE SALERNO, author/essayist, musician, teacher, and blogger.

(Check out his SHAMblog) He wrote: This past June 7 (2008), 53-year-old David Bassett walked onto a California beach and ended his life with a shotgun.

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Having lived through the horror of loved ones committing suicide, I’m reluctant to say anything bad here. To lose someone you love that way is one of the worst things you could ever go through.

Cleaning out the trunk of my car yesterday, I came across a stack of cassette tapes from a period in my life when I was so desperate I’d spend stupid sums of money on anything to remove my fear and anxiety.

These tapes were part of a program that cost me some 0.

The gist was that the Center had used misleading claims and credentials to charge them a lot of money for programs that didn’t work (or at least hadn’t worked for them).

To be fair, a number of Center apologists also weighed in, and for a while we had a spirited, thought-provoking give-and-take going.