Who is bachelor jason dating

24 Feb

I had two serious, long-term boyfriends through high school and college, so I knew I enjoyed being in a relationship, but I didn’t enjoy the process of finding the right partner.Well…fast forward a few years, when a unique opportunity fell in to my lap.To me, dating is one of the scariest words in the dictionary.I am somewhat of an introvert, so the thought of sitting down for dinner with someone I hardly know feels uncomfortable, awkward, and less than appealing.

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It’s like when you have a great conversation with someone over the phone, yet you feel uncomfortable and nervous when you physically get together for a date. Though I was doing the dating thing in a very public manner, the most reassuring part was knowing that Jason was going through it with me.

He made this TV dating experience seem fun, natural, and normal.

From then on, I stepped out of my safe place and never looked back.

I was focused on my career, hanging out with friends and living the single life.

I dreaded the thought of going on a first date, so for me, it was just easier to fly solo.