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08 May

[ Edit | View ] My family has a letter from tom fox councilman cherokee nation dated saying my g grandmother Sarah speers born august 18 1881?

I have a photo of her from when she was my age which is 35.

When i started researching I keep hitting dead ends.

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For example, the use of Face Book enables cross religious chat rooms. Traditions, or free to choose their own path and identity. Known: English, Telugu and Tamil Nationality: Indian Place: Date: MOKSHESWARI. Mobi Telugu Chat Rooms, Andhra Pradesh Friends, Telugu Friends Jul 28, 2014. Telugu Chat Rooms, Andhra Chat, Hyderabad Chat, Vijayawada.

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Could you tell me which tribe lived there and how i can go about connecting my family with them?

[ Edit | View ] Im looking for any information on my grandmother her name is Elizabeth Pansy Hall she was born 1918.

As and adult i went and located them to find my father had passed and she was dieing in the hospital and not speaking.

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Any information I can get I would be very grateful to have.

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