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10 Dec

I appreciated this article shining a light on the implications of singleness for women as they age.

Joseph eventually "married" at least 32 women in addition to Emma Smith, including 7 girls under the age of 18 (the youngest being 14) and at least 11 women who were simultaneously married to other men.

Sanction of the practice was supposed to officially end with the 1890 Manifesto from Church president Wilford Woodruff.

The Bible and the Book of Mormon teach that monogamy is God’s standard for marriage (emphasis added) The Lord sometimes authorizes plural marriage to have more children ("raise up seed"), as He did with Abraham, Isaac, Moses, etc.

In direct opposition to Article of Faith 12, the Church broke the laws of the land by practicing polygamy.

For over 180 years the Church did not explicitly teach its members the full truth about many aspects of polygamy.