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20 Apr

Regarding this experience, she has commented, "I feel thankful that you found me.I think the fact that I was able to do this show was a gift from the up above." In the consecutive years, Wu has starred in Chinese TV dramas: A Different Kind of Pretty Man (不一樣的美男子), Roommate Diaries (一男三女合租記), Incisive Great Teacher (犀利仁師), The Girl Wearing Tassel Earrings (戴流蘇耳環的少女), and The Legend of the Flying Daggers (飛刀又見飛刀 (2016年電視劇)).In her early childhood, the family moved frequently, and this resulted in her having to attend five different elementary schools.Wu briefly attended the Dao Jiang Senior High School of Nursing & Home Economics (臺北市私立稻江高級護理家事職業學校) before transferring to Zhuangjing Senior Vocational School in the Xindian District of Taipei, where she became classmates with JPM's Wang Zi.), and launched their first self-titled album in August 2008.In 2012, Wu debuted on the big screen with a three part-film series, The Four, starring Ronald Cheng, Anthony Wong, Deng Chao, and Liu Yifei.In February 2013, she was cast in the Korean reality show, We Got Married with Ok Taecyeon, of South Korean boy band 2PM, as her virtual husband.FEB 10 | | EVENT DETAILS Dior Red Carpet Event, Taipei FEB 11 | | EVENT DETAILS Apple E-News LIVE, Taipei FEB 13 | | EVENT DETAILS Shush!

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Take two popular pop idols-turned-actors (he is the maknae in ), stick them in a frothy pointless but enjoyable drama, shake vigorously and stir and voila out comes gossip galore.

First the tabloids said these two were way too cuddly on set, then the rumors turned to Puff dating her second male lead in the drama, and now the chatter returns to Aaron and Puff getting close again after the drama wrapped in late October.

In April 2009, Channel V's director, Andy Chang, responded to rumors of Wu leaving his agency.

He expressed that though she was unlikely to renew her contract, the singer would partake in group activities per usual since Hey Girl's record contract did not belong to Channel V.