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20 Mar

I'm not – I'm in the Great Western Pullman dining car on the from Paddington to Penzance.

(The name Pullman refers to George Pullman, who introduced lavish dining cars to US trains in 1868.) As I nibble my salmon starter (£10), I reflect that there can be few more civilised pleasures known to mobile man than enjoying good, freshly cooked food against a backdrop of ever-changing scenery.

“I like the simplicity with which Birmingham have had to stage the play — they haven’t got a revolving stage like the National, and can’t make it zoom upwards, and sink downwards.That’s something that could only happen in Oxford.” At one point in the His Dark Materials story, an Oxford bus shelter becomes the starting point for a journey not to Barton or Kidlington, but to a whole new world.I wondered if Philip Pullman’s imagination simply fired up each morning, or whether he needed to walk around, looking afresh at everyday objects?“It’s always seemed to me that something unlikely could well happen along there.And at the time, I was living just round the corner, so I could just go and check the trees out, and see what they looked like at different times of day.