My sex chat for fun

24 Mar

Here are a few of my personal faves that help keep an LDR super fun until you finally get to meet again IRL. Start watching a new show on Netflix together Just because you’re not in the same place doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some sweet TV time!Pick a show you both have been dying to see and set aside a time every day or couple of days to sit down and watch an episode at the same time.And chatting about it lets you relive it all over again. Or maybe he’s tried pegging and you think it’s fascinating and want to know more.The possibilities for sexual things you can do are practically limitless and while you might see something new in porn, friends are a way better source for learning about new things.If you’re feeling particularly turned on, don’t be shy—let your love know in a sexy text. Send each other snail mail Sure, technology makes LDRs easier than ever before, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about a good old-fashioned love letter.They’ll not only be flattered, but will be thinking of you all day. Write each other real letters, or even cute postcards, and it will give you both something to look forward to when you’re checking the mail.You can message each other your reactions real-time, and it’ll feel like you’re spending an evening in together, even if you’re hundreds of miles apart. Send each other surprise deliveries Whether it’s a sweet care package or an awesome dinner, everyone loves getting a surprise.

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Even if you’re not feeling great about your body, your friends will totally boost you up — because they’re awesome and they’re your friends!The site provides various forms of communication without charging users — all you have to do is create an account, fill out your information, and find someone who catches your eye. I talk about sex for my job; I talk about sex with my friends; I talk about body parts involved in sex and problems that can come up with sex and the culture that we build around sexuality.It’s definitely worth putting it out there for that information!One of my favorite sex-positive business women, Cindy Gallop, founder of Make Love Not Porn (NSFW), talks all the time about how so many of our society’s issues — especially around rape, sexual assault, bad sex, and rape culture — can be blamed on the fact that we just don’t talk about sex. Victim-blaming, slut-shaming, and rape culture in general all grow out of the fact that we carry so much shame about sex. Sometimes it can be hard to find intimacy with your friends as an adult, partly because there aren’t as many things to bond over as there were when we were younger.