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18 Jan

Every single RSD instructor has learned something from him...This is a Guy Who Would Invite Tyler to the Playboy Mansion and Fuck 3 Playboy Models the Same Night This is the guy who goes to Vegas with the RSD Crew and out of 7 nights, he pulled 7 EXTREMELY HOT GIRLS, then went back for a 5 day week, and pulled another 5 STUNNERS This guy has NEVER been a part of an RSD product before, he tries as hard as possible to stay out of the limelight but I twisted his arm into giving you everything he’s got This guy is the real deal.Simply a High-Value Man that will provide them with a full range of powerful emotions.And that’s exactly what I will teach you in this Installment If I went the extra mile with PIMP, here I go above and beyond to bring you full fucking circle. Where I sit down to break down different aspects of Game only True Elite Players can bring to the table.

And this is included In this bonus I detail what it takes to get into the hardest venues to break into.

At first I had to resort to alcohol, but over time there were several re-frames and strategies I came up with, that completely annihilated my AA.

And I tell you how to get over yours in a snap Every guy who’s amazing at game learned to assertively “own who they were” when developing their game.

how to pick up the hottest women, in the hardest venues, and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal for my students: And today I’m going to help YOU turn into THAT GUY, who no matter what, will get RAW MAGNETIC ATTRACTION from every girl you meet...

”LOOK THEM STRAIGHT IN THE EYES, AND ” And that was my catalyst.