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05 Jun

You must type out your response to these questions. Most guys reply with boring answers at every step that scream “I’m lazy and I’m boring! If you didn’t download it earlier, click here to get it..

I’m throwing in a secret right now for the guys that were not lazy and actually read this far.

I read over & over again that e Harmony was a waste of time from several different PUA’s (that’s pick-up artists) This consistent low view of e Harmony in the PUA community is exactly what I think has made it so good.

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PLUS Master copywriter Ted Nicholas found a good headline can perform up to 28% better when framed in quotation marks. So you’re still answering them but you’re making it more interesting and doing something no other guy is doing.You’re also shortening the long process and making that first email come very easily. A good sign is if you are not getting responses from the women that you know would like you in person.If this is happening to you, there is a 100% chance you are doing something wrong so check this out after reading this guide.