Line dating frauds

23 Jul

The caller identifies themselves as an employee of the Department, and typically introduces themselves using a first name.The phone number might appear to be a genuine official number.The app did not connect to any internal or external departmental systems and there is no evidence of any data breach or use of the information put into the fake VEVO app.If you have downloaded the fake VEVO app we strongly recommend deleting it. An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or an Australian Visitor visa is not a work visa.The caller has the visa holder's passport and date of birth, and claims that the date of birth recorded is incorrect and needs to be updated for a cost.The caller claims that the visa holder will be deported if they don't make this payment. If you receive a call of this nature, we advise that you hang up immediately and report the call to police in your state or territory, and to us using the dedicated reporting service.

It is your responsibility to be vigilant and careful to avoid scams.

We can confirm that we will not ask for payment of fines or penalties by telephone.

A common approach has seen visa holders receiving a phone call from an individual posing as an immigration official.

The Department is aware of individuals and agents who are attempting to organise ETAs and Visitor visas and flights to Australia for people to work illegally.

Don't get caught in a visa scam – ETA and Visitor visa holders do not have any work rights. You can be stopped before boarding your flight or refused entry to Australia by the Australian Border Force if you are coming to Australia to work illegally.