Brother dating ex wife

15 Mar

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Is it ever ok to start a relationship with your ex's sibling?

Not because you're trying to get back at your ex, but because you're genuinely into the sibling. If you're worried about hurting your ex, would you pursue the sibling if you had their blessing?

Fast forward 10 years, and she's dating my younger brother, and I have to invite them to my wedding. I am named after my father (like a junior), so I should give my son the same name, right? Except I decide not to — he can become his own man, instead of living in his dad's/granddad's shadow. "I originally started talking to my husband because he was attempting to pursue my sister, and I thought she could really use a man, so I was attempting to help.

Fast forward another year or two, and get married... They went on two dates, I think, before she decided she didn't like him.

So we kept talking, fell in love, and now we're married.

My sister thankfully skipped her sloppy seconds toast at the wedding." —14. I don't know how they feel, because we haven't spoken since they called to tell me they were dating my ex. I've tried to reach out and let them know I'm not upset about it, but I get no response.