Did hayden panettiere dating stephen colletti xm radio updating

03 Aug

The star garnered the amount with his several years of work in the television shows and movies.

He has astounded the fans several times with his powerful and breakthrough performances.

In April 2008, during an interview on the BBC's The Chris Moyles Show to promote the second season of Heroes, Ventimiglia confirmed that he is indeed dating Panettiere.

Though still very young, the mature actress adapted well to her already successful career.

Such is the story of attractive actor, Stephen Colletti who has stayed in a relationship with many women but couldn’t prolong relationship with any of those.Before Chelsea, Stephen dated several gorgeous ladies which includes Hayden Panettiere (August 2006- November 2008), Lauren Conrad (2004-2005), Kristin Cavallari (2001-2004), Lalaine (1999-2001).Although he dated many ladies, Stephen couldn’t find the love he desired in any of these ladies and thus ended up being single now.During that stint, Hayden Panettiere became a more seasoned actress with roles on Guiding Light, the miniseries A Will of Their Own and the film The Object of My Affection (1998).After lending her voice to the Disney animated films A Bug's Life (1998) and Dinosaur (2000), Hayden won the role of a football coach's daughter in Disney's Remember the Titans -- arguably one of her most eminent roles.