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02 Jan

You will be able to see its effect by checking out the inscriptions caved on the architrave where one reads “This is Athens, the ancient city of Theseus” while the second reads “This is the city of Hadrian and not of Theseus.” You can end your day by walking around and having dinner at one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Athens, where most of the streets are closed to just pedestrians.

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You can wander aimlessly around greenery and ancient ruins that were once a part of Ancient Athens’ essence.

Staying three days in Athens can be a bit challenging as you might not know where to begin so here’s our recommendation on how to spend three days in Athens!

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It is the cradle of Western civilisation and the beacon of the ancient world, a pleasant tourist attraction where philosophy, democracy and theatre were born.

Being in Athens is being on the same streets Sophocles used to walk in, and being in the same place Socrates used to teach – it’s the perfect city for every history buff, and for every traveler ready to be mesmerised by the history they’ll be surrounded with.