Casual dating to serious relationship

04 Mar

Generally speaking, one person always ends up wanting more than the other, and that means that hurt feelings will almost always ensue.However, I'd be lying if I said it was impossible to enjoy a casual relationship.If you're casual, you don't want to make anyone think that you're serious — especially your partner.Sending mixed signals is never a good idea, particularly if you're already sleeping with them.

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If you don't go in with the same expectations, you can easily end up in a relationship filled with resentment.Oxytocin is the hormone that makes you feel like you fell in love. Otherwise, the chances of you getting enamored with your partner will increase — as will the chances of drama.To get as little oxytocin on, you have to make a point of avoiding actions that increase this hormone before, during, or after sex. Though there are some "generally assumed" guidelines for casual relationships we all tend to follow, everyone has their own ideas of what a casual relationship denotes.Casual relationships, for example, tend to have a lot of problems in them — and often result in ugly, nasty blowups.That being said, it is possible to have a casual relationship without the blowup.