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12 Jul

Michigan is the home of many splendid things — we know it, because we live here.Beautiful scenery, majestic lakes, fabulous food, quirky locales and hidden gems just barely scratch the surface of what Michigan has to offer.We asked staff members of the to share some of the best things to see and do in Michigan, based on our personal experiences.Here are 50 ideas you may want to add to your bucket list. Add your bucket list item here and be sure to explain why it's great.Say cheese with the Detroit River in the background and you in the middle between the Windsor, Canada, shoreline and downtown Detroit marked by the Renaissance Center towers.So few people understand how close we are to Canada and most Americans can’t take this selfie.

You can position yourself or loved ones for a photo that puts you in view of an international border and two behemoth countries.Oswald’s Bear Ranch in Newberry features dozens of rescued and orphaned bears on 240 acres of Upper Peninsula woodlands, plus the opportunity to have your photo taken with a fuzzy bear cub.40 Mile Point Lighthouse Located on the northern shores of Lake Huron, the century-old 40 Mile Point Lighthouse in Rogers City offers more than just beautiful views and leisurely self-guided tours.There’s also a real shipwreck poking out of the sands on a beach that’s just a short trail’s walk from the lighthouse.The fee also buys you access to shops and other public places of the hotel. The drive offers stunning fall foliage, but you can stop along the wooded way year-round and peek out at stunning views along Lake Michigan.At the end, check out the wider view from the Legs Inn restaurant, which is open from May to October.