Dating calgary alberta

16 Apr

“I was led to believe they had a deep data base of highly qualified candidates that were also very discerning and really wanted to meet a quality woman and that were interested in having a relationship,” said Shetter.

CTV Calgary Consumer Specialist Lea Williams-Doherty looked into the complaints from French, Shetter and two others, who wanted to remain anonymous.

She says she took personality tests and answered questions for hours and was assured that she would meet the perfect match.

“She just made it sound so appealing, like they already had a lineup of people that would be perfect for me,” said French.

Monica was dating a boy named William Murillo, known by most as “Smiles,” a nickname that originated from his charismatic grin and friendly personality.

“They just drill, drill, drill and reach down and grab all those emotions from you and promise you a wonderful result,” said French.

In 2016, Susan Shetter called Alberta Matchmakers and says she also went through an extensive personal interview.

Over a series of messages in Spanish, Murillo explained his sister was moving to Canada for school and he wanted to send some of her belongings by mail.

The only other person the siblings knew in Canada was a family member who worked as a physician and was never home, Murillo said.