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26 May

It's a much bigger audience than I would have gotten if I called people up and said, ' Did you ever consider Trump for President? Liberals do indeed troll--sex-advice columnist Dan Savage used his followers to make Googling former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum's last name a blunt lesson in the hygienic challenges of anal sex; the hunter who killed Cecil the lion got it really bad.But trolling has become the main tool of the alt-right, an Internet-grown reactionary movement that works for men's rights and against immigration and may have used the computer from Weird Science to fabricate Donald Trump."These are mostly normal people who do things that seem fun at the time that have huge implications.You want to say this is the bad guys, but it's a problem of us."A lot of people enjoy the kind of trolling that illuminates the gullibility of the powerful and their willingness to respond.Now he's got an illness that's keeping him home. "Let's say I wrote a letter to the New York Times saying I didn't like your article about Trump. On Twitter I communicate directly with the writers.It's a breakdown of all the institutions," he says. And this little bit--these several thousand words--is like leaving bears a pan of baklava.

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And it's seeping from our smartphones into every aspect of our lives.

In this new culture war, the battle isn't just over homosexuality, abortion, rap lyrics, drugs or how to greet people at Christmastime.

It's expanded to anything and everything: video games, clothing ads, even remaking a mediocre comedy from the 1980s.

They derisively call their adversaries "social-justice warriors" and believe that liberal interest groups purposely exploit their weakness to gain pity, which allows them to control the levers of power.

Trolling is the alt-right's version of political activism, and its ranks view any attempt to take it away as a denial of democracy.